How to Be Sure You’re Marrying “The One”

If Christian marriages are to picture the gospel as the Bible says they should (Eph. 5:22-33), then believers who are in dating relationships need to be able to answer the question, “Am I willing to serve, sacrifice for, and forgive the person I’m with until death do us part?”

If you are seriously dating someone right now, ask yourself that question. If your answer is “yes,” then it is highly likely you’ve found “the one.”

See, finding “the one” is less about demanding selfishly from the perfect person (note the sarcasm) and more about choosing to serve the person – flaws, sins, and all – whom God has intentionally placed in your path.

Often, our perspective on marriage becomes twisted, and we misunderstand what a biblical pursuit of marriage looks like during the dating season. How is this?

First, our sin nature tends to manifest itself in selfishness, causing us to scrutinize the person we are dating in terms of how well they meet our own needs. Second, our culture feeds us an unrealistic view of love through television, books, and movies, making it all too easy for us to seek our fulfillment and happiness in finding “the one.” We make our checklists of characteristics this person must exhibit, and then we scrutinize them accordingly.

Now, to be clear, a certain level of scrutinizing is wise. Biblically, we call this godly discernment (Heb. 5:14). We want to watch for red flags in character, ask about our date’s history, and discern their relationship with Christ to ensure it is genuine, fruit-bearing, and grounded in the truth.

However, in the midst of us scrutinizing the person we are dating, we can easily forget to search our own hearts and motives.

Ultimately, you must determine if you are willing to choose to serve, sacrifice for, and forgive the person you are dating until death do you part. If the answer is “No,” then either you, yourself, are not yet ready for a marriage relationship or the person you are dating is most likely not the one you should wed in the covenant of marriage.

To get more specific, here are a few questions to help you discern if you are dating “the one”… READ MORE

[Post Credit: iBelieve]


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