Join the “Hope When It Hurts” Launch Team!

Wow. Praise the Lord! I’m looking at an advanced copy of our book and wondering how we got to this place. Because of a wonderfully brilliant editor and an incredibly terrific publisher. Because of your prayers and support. Because of God’s faithfulness.

hopewhenithurts_coverWe’re asking the Lord to do far more than we could imagine, ask, or think in the hearts of our fellow sufferers around the world. We’re asking him to call readers to himself by faith, for the very first time. We’re asking him to pour his love into the hearts of believers who are hurting, so they would have sweeter fellowship with their Suffering Savior and a firmer hope in him. We’re asking him to equip the hurting for a ministry of comfort, as he renews their inner self day by day through the pain.

Would you like to be part of this? Are you suffering, and have you tasted God’s goodness, his hope within the hurt? Do you have loved ones who are hurting whom you want to encourage with the gospel? Are you just plain excited about the message behind Hope When It Hurts?

We’d love for you to apply to join our Launch Team!

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