12 Faithful Women Portraits of Steadfast Endurance

Melissa Kruger &

Kristen Wetherell

Ever since I was a little girl, my heart has been warmed and my faith fueled by biographies of faithful men and women of God. The portraits of godly women found in this collection will do the same for you. In each challenge and trial these women faced, Christ proved himself to be steadfast and sufficient. The courage and compassion they exhibited in their times are no less needed in ours. May their stories inspire us to reflect his majestic gospel and grace to our world.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth founder and Bible teacher of Revive Our Hearts and author of Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together
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The Gospel Coalition (June 12, 2020)
Softcover, 197 pages
ISBN: 1733458522

About the Book

Trials have a way of changing us, for better or worse. They can humble us or harden us. They can make us run to God or away from him. Perhaps your trials have resulted in a closer walk with him, or maybe he seems far away. Often, God strengthens our faith through the witness of courageous Christians who’ve gone before us. Be encouraged and challenged by these 12 portraits of faithful women who steadfastly endured many trials—including physical pain, persecution, infertility, loneliness, and oppression—and who, in their various sufferings, found Christ to be an all-sufficient Lord and Savior, steadfast, faithful, and true.

Editorial Reviews

If you feel weary or worn, you don’t need a change in circumstance; you need the testimony of God’s faithfulness in the lives of believers who have persevered. 12 Faithful Women points us to our faithful God, and in so doing, encourages our hearts to remain steadfast, right where we are.

Ruth Chou Simons founder of GraceLaced.com and best-selling author of Beholding and Becoming and Foundations

Those who profess faith in Jesus Christ are adopted into a family—a family that has spanned more than 2,000 years. It falls to each of us to get to know the members of our new family. Through this book, we can get to know and appreciate the unique contributions of 12 faithful women—12 faithful sisters in Christ.

Tim Challies blogger at challies.com and author of Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History and Devoted: Great Men and Their Godly Moms

Stories! Stories of women who have served Christ faithfully. Stories of saints who have suffered steadfastly. What a gift, these stories. This book helps light up the great and growing cloud of witnesses.

Kathleen Nielson speaker and author of Women and God: Hard Questions, Beautiful Truth and Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church

In 12 Faithful Women, we’re given glimpses of steadfastness in the midst of suffering. The various authors profile the lives of 12 women who show us, through their examples of endurance, how we too can be found faithful. If you want encouragement to walk fearlessly with God, pick up this book and let the lives of these godly women point the way.

Courtney Doctor author of From Garden to Glory: A Bible Study on the Bible’s Story and Steadfast: A Devotional Bible Study on the Book of James

The Gospel Coalition (June 12, 2020)
Softcover, 197 pages
ISBN: 1733458522