Humble Moms How the Work of Christ Sustains the Work of Motherhood

Kristen Wetherell

“In the season of motherhood, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged as we focus our gaze on our never-ending-always-growing list of things to do. Kristen Wetherell’s refreshing new book, Humble Moms, invites moms to look up from their daily task to the loving work of Christ on our behalf. Her words warmly point us to Jesus, helping us follow his example of humility as we serve our families.”

Melissa Kruger Director of Women’s Initiatives for The Gospel Coalition
Humble Moms cover

B&H Books (April 12, 2022)
Hardcover, 208 pages
ISBN-10: 1087751012
ISBN-13: 978-1087751016

About the Book

Do you ever feel a disconnect as a mother—like you’re doing all the “mom things” you’re supposed to do as you stoop to serve your kids with your hands, but your heart isn’t in it?

While being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs, it is also one of the hardest. We grow weary as we pour ourselves out for our children, wondering where we’ll get the strength to serve another day. If we’re honest, we can become exhausted by the constant call to tend to our family. We can even sometimes resent the posture of humility and servanthood it requires. We can easily go about humble work without a humble heart.

Kristen Wetherell has been there, and instead of offering you a parenting plan, a pep talk, or a list of things to do, her words in Humble Moms offers you exactly what she needs in moments of exhaustion: life-giving and biblical meditations on Jesus, who humbly serves you not only in hand, but in heart.

As you journey along with Kristen through the entire life and work of Christ, you’ll find that your life and work as a mom is sustained in the process. Momma, it is truly possible to have hands and hearts that look like Jesus. Open Humble Moms and take in all that Christ is for you—and you’ll find that his heart and posture is changing yours!

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Editorial Reviews

“I’m so grateful for the way Humble Moms invites weary moms to gaze on Jesus, embrace his humility, and ultimately be refreshed for the task of motherhood. Kristen points us beyond the things we do and helps us think about who we are—being made more and more like Christ.”

Ruth Chou Simons Wall Street Journal bestselling author, artist, and founder of

“I just read Humble Moms, and I want to recommend it to you because it made me turn toward Jesus. I want to look at him, talk to him, and know him better. And for good reason, too: Kristen carefully walks us through scriptures that show why Jesus is “uniquely able to impart humility to his people.” Humble Moms made me turn toward my six kids, too. I want to look at them, talk to them, and get to know them better. I can (and want to) love them from a servant’s heart, especially now that I better understand the stunning scope of how Jesus serves me from beginning to eternity. Humble Moms is powerful: it is the type of book that will come to mind often and change the way I live.”

Laura Booz author of Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God's Good Gifts in Motherhood and host of the Expect Something Beautiful podcast

“Kristen Wetherell’s book is a refreshing and much-needed take on motherhood. As our culture pushes moms to be more and do more, she reminds us to slow down. At that pace, you’ll find the work of the humble woman—serving Jesus. And that not only encourages the work of motherhood, but answers deep heart needs in every woman’s heart. You’ll love this book!”

Dannah Gresh Founder of True Girl & Co-host of Revive Our Hearts

“In Humble Moms, Kristen Wetherell offers us not only an excellent resource but also a lifelong pattern for motherhood: first, look at Christ, and see who he is and what he’s done. Then, as his beloved, consider how emulating him through service to our kids is worship. Every mom who longs to love God and her children well should read this book!”

Christine Hoover mom of three boys and author of How to Thrive as a Pastor's Wife

“Kristen wrote a book about motherhood by writing a book about Jesus! By taking moms on a deep dive in the Gospel of John, she invites readers to be satisfied with Christ. Moms will walk away with a deeper understanding of humility and a roadmap for serving like Christ in their own lives.”

Emily Jensen cofounder of Risen Motherhood and coauthor of Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments

“Motherhood brought me to my knees. Never had I felt so helpless and so desperate as those first few months of motherhood. Over the years, three words refocus my soul on distracted days: “Behold, not behave.” I am not saved by my performance as a mother. I do not need to prove myself. On my own, I am unable to improve myself. I need only to BEHOLD Christ and his perfect obedience, his complete work on the cross. Kristen Wetherell’s compassionate voice speaks into my daily rut, discouragement, and despair. She redirects my eyes to Christ. She leads me out of the deadly deception of self-trust and restores my soul with Christ’s blood-bought promises to me.”

Irene Sun author of the picture books Taste and See: All About God's Goodness and God Counts: Numbers in His Word and His World

“With open-hearted honesty and tender compassion, Kristen offers fellow mamas beautiful, biblical truths that we need to live faithfully—and with hope—in our hard and holy calling as mothers. This is a book that offers true rest by focusing our hearts on Christ Jesus, which is what we need most of all.”

Ann Swindell author of The Path to Peace and owner of Writing with Grace

“There are many resources out there that seek to make sense of the hard work of motherhood. But after all of the tips and words of encouragement, we find ourselves needing to still sit at the feet of Jesus. Kristen Wetherell writes from the perspective of a mom in the trenches, calling her sisters to meditate on the Savior to find rest and help in their time of need. You will be blessed by this book!”

Courtney Reissig author of Teach Me to Feel: Worshiping Through the Psalms in Every Season of Life

“Whether because of the fixtures of spit up and smeared food, the frailty of our aching backs and tired eyes, or the failure of angry outbursts, motherhood can leave us feeling low. But Kristen’s beautiful depiction of the life and work of Christ transforms the humiliation of those moments into gospel humility that leads to joy. This book will lift your gaze from the work that often feels beneath and beyond you to behold the work and heart of Christ for you. Through powerful examples and poignant descriptions, Humble Moms is sure to transform the way you see yourself and the work of motherhood as it helps you to see Christ seeing and serving you.”

Abbey Wedgeworth mom to three boys and author of Held: 31 Biblical Reflections on God's Comfort and Care in the Sorrow of Miscarriage

“Motherhood is…humbling. Moms, we have a choice. We could acknowledge that reality with a deep sigh as we wash spit-up off our shirts. Or we could embrace it with open arms, knowing that the humbling parts of motherhood draw us ever closer to our humble Savior. Let my dear friend Kristen Wetherell help you make the second choice with her meaningful book, Humble Moms. This is not a how-to for the ins and outs of motherhood. It’s a get-to. We get to become more like Christ through the work of mothering. There is not a message we need more.

Erin Davis writer, Bible teacher, and mother of four

B&H Books (April 12, 2022)
Hardcover, 208 pages
ISBN-10: 1087751012
ISBN-13: 978-1087751016