I’m passionate about teaching the Bible to women of all ages, in partnership with the local church and gospel-centered ministries. My deep desire is to see women delight in God’s Word, apply the gospel to their daily lives, and walk together in the unity of the body of Jesus Christ.



2019 Speaking Calendar

Diamonds 2019 | Online | January 25-26
Belong Women’s Conference | Utica, NY | March 29-30
Soteria Des Moines | Des Moines, IA | April 13
Fox Valley Christian Church | Batavia, IL | September 14
College Church | Wheaton, IL | October 17

2020 Speaking Calendar

The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference | Indianapolis, IN | June 11-13

Speaking Inquiries

Interested in doing ministry together?

I’m currently able to accept speaking engagements from October 2019 onward. (I’d encourage you to read this helpful article by Melissa Kruger called “What Your Retreat Speaker Needs from You.”) Send me a note using the form below so we can talk details about your retreat, conference, or event:



Radio Interviews

To give you a glimpse of teaching and style…

…here’s a brief audio clip from a radio interview I did with Word FM:

And here’s an interview with Sarah Walton and me on Janet Parshall, talking about Hope When It Hurts.

2 thoughts on “Speaking

  1. Brenda says:

    I have been doing the Hope When It Hurts devotional on my tablet and it has really challenged me. This is one of those devotionals that need to be chewed on and prayed over too get to the depth of the truths it offers. Thank you for sharing from what you have learned through your hurts.


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