Join Our Thunderclap and Get an Exclusive First-Look at the “Hope When It Hurts” Book Trailer

Stories are powerful—they connect with us and point us to Someone greater.

That’s why we’ve created a short film that shares our stories. God has been faithful to us in difficult times—and we want this video to encourage other suffering people to run to Jesus and dig into his Word.

It’s not up on social media yet, but we wanted you to be among the first to preview it:

Watch the book trailer here

We need your help to share this message of hope with the world. Join our Thunderclap and sign up to share this film on Tuesday, March 14.

What’s Thunderclap?

“What is Thunderclap?” we hear you ask. Thunderclap allows us to make a bigger splash with the book trailer video by having hundreds of people share it at one time.

When you sign up, you give Thunderclap permission to automatically post the message we’ve created from your social media account at 1pm EST on March 14. (Don’t worry, it’s totally secure and they won’t post anything else.)

But please don’t share the video until then.

How to Get Involved

Use your voice to share the message of Hope When It Hurts. Here’s how: 

  • Go to our book’s Thunderclap page.
  • Watch the book trailer.
  • Sign up to share it on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (or all three!) on March 14.

Simple! Thank you for supporting Hope When It Hurts, and for helping us share Jesus, our Hope, with many more people around the world.

To him be all the glory!

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