Don’t Miss the “Hope When It Hurts” Ministry Pack Giveaway!

To walk with others through suffering is a wonderful gift from God.

That’s why we’ve created a special giveaway for you. The Ministry Pack contains two books: one to keep, and one to give to a friend. Whether you’re the one hurting, your friend is struggling, or you’re both enduring a difficult time, walk together through Hope When It Hurts and discover how Jesus is our eternal hope.

In honor of Hope When It Hurts’ launch month, we’re giving away three (3) Ministry Pack Giveaways!

Enter to win a giveaway package when you leave a comment below.

We’ll announce the winners on April 27, 2017.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and ministry to one another!



17 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the “Hope When It Hurts” Ministry Pack Giveaway!

  1. Kelly says:

    I would love to walk through “Hope When It Hurts” with someone like myself who is also in the valley of suffering. What an encouragement that would be.


  2. carolinabelle78 says:

    I know several who are walking through some valleys and would love to be able to share “Hope When It Hurts” with them!


  3. pattymellen says:

    I received two sample chapters and give them a high five! I have suffered chronically since 2007. It is discouraging to both myself and those who seek to help. I have often encountered those who run because they don’t know what to say, and others which are exactly like ‘Job’s Comforters”. Thank you for this timely and uplifting book.


  4. Patricia Miller says:

    Thank you so much for writing the book; I look forward to reading it. At this time I’m dealing with chronic pain from inflamed spinal nerves. Surgery to repair a ruptured, fragmented lumbar disc has been successful, but the spinal nerves were under pressure for a prolonged time, and this caused the inflammation which has not yet responded to epidurals and other treatment. Thank you for your encouraging words which are helping me to grow in trust in the Lord.


  5. patrica40 says:

    Thank you for writing this book, I look forward to reading it. I am dealing with chronic pain from inflamed spinal nerves. Much encouragement has been received from your and Sarah’s posts, and I pray for y’all also. Patricia


  6. Suzanne says:

    I have a friend who I would love to walk through this book with! She is dealing with some very difficult health issues related to Lyme disease and I know she would find so much encouragement from your book!


  7. Kenneth Phillips says:

    I work with individuals who know what it is like to walk with suffering each day. This book is a wonderful tool to inspire hope in those who are facing despair.


  8. Robbie Hoffman says:

    I recently ordered a copy of this book and just started reading it. Would love to give a copy to
    my niece who has Lyme disease.


  9. garyswebbuisnesstips says:

    I am always eager to hear what new authors have to say about our Savior, Yeshua. I am a Messianic Gentile, Believing fully in the Torah and the Tanakh as well as the “New Testament”
    Our Father has given us the knowledge of things we need and a blueprint on how to live our lives. This is how I try to live my life.


  10. Laura S says:

    This looks like a good read! It is sad that we have to live in a broken world right now and seeing other people go through unbelievably rough stuff just breaks my heart.


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