God Be Glorified in Me

“God Be Glorified in Me” was written for a project created by The Orchard Songwriters, called Give Us Words. I hope you enjoy it!

God Be Glorified in Me

More of You, and less of me
This is my heart’s cry
May You increase, let me decrease
You alone be lifted high
Your name be praised
Your name be praised 

God be glorified in me
In my waking and my sleeping
In my thinking and my speaking
You alone are worthy, Lord
Fix my eyes upon Your greatness
Humble me to Your holiness
O God, be glorified in me.

For Your glory, not my own
My life an offering
Here I kneel before Your throne
Remove the veil, let Your glory be seen
Your name be praised
Your name be praised


(Copyright 2013, Give Us Words by Kristen Wetherell)

With You

While sitting on a park bench in the Summer of 2009, I penned the lyrics to the song “With You,” which would be my first song written since the seventh grade (which was written for a school project). I had never considered myself a “songwriter,” but the lyrics came so swiftly, tumbling out of my head onto paper. This was a season filled with pressure from the world’s expectations and, simultaneously, one of increasingly overwhelming desires to be quiet and focused and saturated in the presence of the Lord.

While I see changes in myself and in my understanding of and love for Christ since that time, the words still ring true. I hope they encourage you today, especially if you’re in a season of busyness, dryness or pressure. May you always trust in God’s presence, which is unceasingly with you.

With You 

Why, when it seems so easy
Does my mind shut off?
My heart finds a roadblock to you

You say you desire to meet with me
In that quiet place of journey
In that place where it’s only us together

I feel your yearning
I hear you calling me softly to your side
But life remains, gets in the way
Another day, another day gone by
Without you

This is not what I want
Independence, busy rushing around
Oh, I know I need you now

Why, when the chaos surrounds me
And the world tempts my heart
Do I submit to its presence?

It does not define me
Nor does it bring the sense of satisfaction
That you provide so selflessly

Then I find you
I hear you calling me
To the place beyond the world

And I won’t deny, I won’t ever try
Won’t let another day go by
Without you

This is not what I want
Independence, busy rushing around
Oh, I know I need you now

My life is incomplete without running
Going straight to your arms
I need those moments with you

And how can the silence be so loud?
How can my heart be so proud
When you’re beside me
Urging me to my knees?

Oh, how you show your divinity
Open my eyes so I can see
How you love me


(Copyright 2009, Work in Progress by Kristen Wetherell)